K. C. Williamson III, Ph.D.
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Contact Information:

Dr. K. C. Williamson III
Department of Construction Science
Francis Hall, Room 116
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3137
Phone: (979) 845-7052
Fax: (979) 862-1572
E-mail: KcWilli@tamu.edu



Construction Education Research

As an educational psychologist-technologist with sixteen years of construction industry management and ownership my research is inseparable from teaching and extension. My research areas of interest include:

  1. The cognitive nature of learners,
  2. the investigation, development and testing of innovative instructional strategies,
  3. computer servers and web-site programming,
  4. surveying and wayfinding,
  5. undergraduate and graduate program data mining,
  6. spatial and reasoning abilities in student learners, and
  7. visualization of concepts that are unobservable in the natural environment.


Construction Graduate Programs


Assessment of Construction Graduate Master's Programs


Andrew Jacob Anderson   Mr. AJ Anderson
  E-mail: c10anderson@tamu.edu

Reasoning and Visual Abilities as Predictor of Success in Construction Surveying Coursework




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